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Who do you love?
Who are your favorite writers? Right now. List five.

I'll go first:

William Gay (he's got a new one coming out in April or May, I think)
Ron Rash (One Foot in Eden blew me away)
Peter Abrahams, the Echo Falls Mysteries (
Ray Bradbury (my wife got me his 100 best stories for Valentines Day)
James Lee Burke- hardboiled poetry

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Angela Carter
Edgar Allen Poe
HP Lovecraft
Clive Barker (though it's been ages)
Douglas Adams (gotta have something light in there)

John, you're damn fine at introducing me to writers. I'll have to check out Rash and Abrahams.

As for me, my five current favorite writers are:

James Lee Burke - of course

Robert Parker - no one writes better dialogue, me thinks

Jeffrey Ford - I'm still dazed after reading The Shadow Year

Malcolm Gladwell - Outliers was fantastic. His conclusions may be a bit wonky in places, but it's still very affecting.

Joe Hill - I've returned to his collection more times that I should admit. That last paragraph of "20th Century Ghost" still kicks my ass.

current top 5:

Aimee Bender
Lauren Groff
Joe Hill
George Saunders
Steve Berry

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