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2008 was weird for me writing wise. On the one hand, I managed my most impressive sale (to Haunted Legends). On the other hand, I often felt as if I was floundering with my writing. Part of this (I think) is that I am beginning to move away from writing horror. The best story I wrote this year probably won't get published because it's purely a literary story, and I don't know those markets very well.

I also wrote about seventy thousand words of a novel during 2008 and then quit just as I was nearing the end. That was dumb. My first resolution of the new year is to get that thing finished. You know the mantra- "It may suck but at least I finished it." But here's the thing. I actually like great whacks of it. So with some rewrites, it could be okay.

I still suck at this livejournal thing, but maybe I'll make a resolution to post more and make friends or whatever you do to get people to read your LJ. Or maybe not.

I've got several stories out there right now at markets like Crazyhorse, Interfictions II, Agni, West Branch, Saint Ann's Review, Broken Pencil, GUD, and One Story. There's some others, but I don't feel like going to duotrope right now to look. But if something gets accepted, Livejournal, you'll be the first to know.

I should be finished with my thesis/ collection in March. It's basically done already, other than some light revising.


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