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Thesis = finished
I finally finished my thesis, a collection of short stories called SHOEBOX TRAIN WRECK. Thanks to my writing group Snutch Labs for all their help. Thanks also to my committee chair and advisor, Larry Wharton.

Here's the TOC:

Slide- this is a highly autobiographical story that won the Barksdale-Maynard award for fiction

Chicken- this one appeared in the first issue of GUD (Greatest Uncommon Denominator). You can read it here:

Saving Doll- this story used to be "The Nature of Power." Totally revised now. Still unpublished.

Halloween Comes to County Road Seven- I've been trying to find a home for this one since I wrote it in 2005. After probably thirty revisions, it finally found a home at --It should be live soon. Speaking of Thuglit, they don't pay, but they do give you a t-shirt. I got my yesterday. Badass.

Highway Noise- used to be "On the Mountain" which was published in Shroud. I like this version a lot better though.

The Water Tower- this one will appear in Fantasy Magazine ( in the fall. It's a surreal tale about some kids who find something strange in an old water tower.

Litany- published in Shimmer. It may be the oldest story in the collection, but it holds up pretty well, I think. It received a year's best honorable mention from Ellen Datlow a couple of years ago (2006, I think).

Shoebox Train Wreck- this one will appear in 2010 in the Datlow/ Mamatas anthology from Tor called Haunted Legends.

I've got two or three more stories that are probably good enough to go in the collection, but they didn't really fit the tone and theme of my thesis which is basically Southern Gothic, redemption through violence, type of thing. One day, I hope I can get this baby published, but it seems all the publishers these days are closed to submissions. Must be the economy. Anybody got any suggestions?

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That's awesome! Congrats. I'm finishing rewrites this week.

Thanks, Erik. Good luck with yours.

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