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Been awhile...
Some random thoughts:

Peter Abraham's Echo Falls Mysteries are incredible. I know they're written for kids and the the protagonist is a thirteen year old girl named Ingrid, but I don't care. I love his characters like real people. His latest, Into the Dark is the best so far. Going to give one of his adult novels a go soon.

Finished Tom Franklin's Hell at the Breech not too long ago. Great book, but I still like his short stuff better. If you want to read a great collection, check out Poachers.

Been listening to the Silos a lot lately. Cuba is an outstanding record (can you still call them that?) I especially love "She Lives Up the Street," "Mary's Getting Married," and "Margaret."

Went to the lake with my writing group Sam W. Anderson, Kim Despins, Kurt Dinan, Petra Miller, and Erik Williams. We had a blast (and wrote some too).

I'm still working on editing and revising my thesis for my masters. Right now it's nine stories, most of which I kind of like, but all of which still need some work. After that, I'm going to try to find a publisher, and after that I'm going to write a novel about something, uh... interesting. Just haven't decided what yet.


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